Below are the dates listed for online meetings and webinars through the Eleven Sight platform. These are provided on a monthly basis for coaches and managers, and are in addition to the monthly club calls.

If you need to get in touch quickly please use the Eleven Sight link here

  • Managers Online Call - Sept 21st 2021 13:00 EST
  • Managers Online Call - Oct 19th 13:00 EST
  • Managers Online Call - Nov 16th - 13:00 EST
  • Network Online Call - Sept 3rd 12.15 EST
  • Network Online Call - Oct 1st 12.15 EST
  • Network Online Call - Nov 5th - 12.15 EST


We are practical people and there is nothing that can be compared to real time training on court with kids in your own environment which is why club visits are a bit part of our support program, but we also recognize the need to support you everyday in small ways when you have some downtime.

Our online courses and designations are designed to help you to get the knowledge that you need to make the best use of the Evolution program. We have designed each course to be a direct and simply as possible, highlighting key areas and delivering via simple methods that are clear and easy to follow.

Just click the link and start exercising your brain!


Click the image below to view all the on court presentations from our Evolution Symposium in Orlando.