HERO brings an exciting new way to play, compete and learn to the practice court. A simple game on you phone each player receives a card and must use the powers of that character to win the game before changing it for a new one for the next. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your character and your opponent and use these to battle.

HERO has been designed to ignite self managed match-play and create independent play among young players. A game for both players and coaches it is best played when both players have access to the app.

Ready to play?

Evolution Hero is a tennis roleplay game designed to help you to explore new tactics and skills. To START, press the tennis ball on the home screen and your Hero for the next game or tie break will be revealed. Check out your opponent’s card so you know how to beat them and get ready to battle.

Know Your Powers

Win with a SHOT that has a green number and you win 2 points instead of 1, but lose with a SHOT that is red and you will lose a point from your score, and your opponent will get a point too. If ENERGY is red you lose a point from your score if your opponent can beat you in the first 4 shots of the point and if POWER is red then you lose the point if you don’t finish in the first 4 shots. If ENERGY is green you get double points when the point is more than 4 shots long and if POWER is green you get double points if you finish the point within the first 4 shots.

At the end of the game click the + button to add the game to your score and then the arrow to reveal your next hero.

Get Help from a Super Hero

If you want an extra boost you will find Super Hero cards at the top of the screen. Just press the blue buttons. These special cards give you powers to change the cards but you can only use them once. Hit the tick button to use one.


You can also use Evolution Hero like a card game off the court. Have both players start the game and the first player calls out the power that they think would most likely win then the point. If this scores more than your opponents in that category hit the plus button to record the win, then on to the next card. The first player to win 20 points wins the game.

Complete explainer of all the workings of Evolution Hero!