Making You Even Better!

If you have ever been to a conference and felt you just finished with more questions than answers, we understand. So this conference is not like that! It is a “roll up your sleeves event” designed to ensure you gain knowledge, skills and support for you and your program.

Our faculty are not speakers, they are your coaches! Present for the whole event including the evening socials and available to answer your questions and help you to find real solutions. What’s more we wont whisk one in front of you for one hour and leave you feeling you missed something, they will present multiple times creating connected threads of information and all the answers.

Kids deserve our utmost attention and professionalism and so do you so don’t think of this as a conference, think of it as one of the most empowering and useful professional development opportunities you with have!

Place ARE limited because we can’t help you unless we can spend time with you!

Please note you can also register for this conference with your PTR International Symposium Registration at


  • Everyone Plays – How to create addictive tennis programming and competitions
  • Game Skills – Developing Players Techically and Tactically
  • Making sense of athletic development – What, Why, How and When
  • Learning Environments – Structuring Lessons to maximize learning
  • Top Gear – Coaching skills that go beyond

The Basics

  • This is a live in person event.
  • You will be actively involved on the court, working with young players and engaging in group discussions
  • Instead of multiple short presentations we will work together on improving five elements of your program through connected presentations.
  • We limit the number of speakers so that you get their full attention and the opportunity to fully engage with each topic


  • 12 noon Welcome Networking
  • 1pm Conference Introduction
  • 2pm – 5pm Presentations
  • 7pm Evening Social with all speakers
  • 8am Network Breakfast
  • 10am – 12.30 Presentations
  • 12.30 – 2.00pm Lunch
  • 2pm – 5.30pm Presentations
  • 7.00pm Evening Social
  • 8am Network Breakfast
  • 10am – 12 .30 Presentations
  • 12.30 Conference Close
  • 2pm – Breakouts with individual speakers