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Feb 05 - 07 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Evolution Kids Tennis Conference 2022

Making You Even Better!

If you have ever been to a conference and felt you just finished with more questions than answers, we understand. So this conference is not like that! It is a “roll up your sleeves event” designed to ensure you gain knowledge, skills and support for you and your program.

Our faculty are not speakers, they are your coaches! Present for the whole event including the evening socials and available to answer your questions and help you to find real solutions. What’s more we wont whisk one in front of you for one hour and leave you feeling you missed something, they will present multiple times creating connected threads of information and all the answers.

Kids deserve our utmost attention and professionalism and so do you so don’t think of this as a conference, think of it as one of the most empowering and useful professional development opportunities you with have!

Place ARE limited because we can’t help you unless we can spend time with you!

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Our time: 2:59pm UTC
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