Team Evolution is a very unique network! We are dedicated to helping kids achieve their goals with tennis a vehicle and to make this vehicle go to the places it needs to we need great drivers. It is not enough to provide a great program we have to help coaches and all the people in the club environment deliver!

So Team Evolution provides professional development modules and designation that support the roles that our coaches and staff do everyday! It’s not like any other coach development program, you choose your path and we make sure you get there!


Our courses are all modular so you can gain knowledge and skills for the roles that you have within the club and when those roles change all your existing course count. This provides both vertical (moving from one job to another) and horizontal (becoming better at the job that you are doing) development. We believe that coaches and teams work best when everyone performs their role to the very best of their ability. The course requirements are listed below for each designation.


One of the key missions of EKT PD is to create a common language and sense of unity in the approach that staff take at a facility. Although this is not about teaching by numbers it is about understanding the core principles that are behind learning and the approach to coaching. So one of the best ways to use this system is to learn together. So we suggest you follow these steps:

  • Step One: Discuss which module you will take
  • Step Two: Agree a period of time in which to complete it
  • Step Three: Complete the course and meet on or off court as a group to agree implementation
  • Step Four: Agree a review period when you will meet to discuss how you have applied the course information


  • Develop skills that you can use on the job
  • Learn without leaving your facility
  • Build the skills to deliver the program you actually work in
  • Get practical advice from Industry Experts
  • Take Courses that build to Designations


Is Team Evolution a Qualification?

All the TE designations are designed to support vocational professional development and therefore are not stand alone qualifications with the exception of Navigator, Champion and Adventurer. You therefore should have an approved National Governing Body certification before taking these courses.

Can I take the modules in any order?

Yes, this is a modular system and therefore you can design your learning program in the way that best suits and interests you at any point in your career.

Do I have to be working in a program running an EKT Program to participate?

Team Evolution has been provided for the support of EKT Network Facilities and as such it is better if you are working at one of these, however some of the courses are also presented on the evolve9 website also.

Is each entire course online?

Each course is different and outlines of the submission requirements are listed at the start of each one on the course page.

What do I get on completion of the modules for each designation?

You will receive a diploma at end of each course plus other items when you reach a designation. Once you complete all the courses for a designation you can submit them and we will mail your designation diploma and materials.

Do EKT Courses receive License Credits from Federations?

All Course content has been submitted to major Federations and Coach organisations for consideration for credits but you should contact others to see if credits can be added.


Introduction to Evolution

Motivating through behaviors

Planning and Curriculum

Communication and Organization

Child Development

Child Learning

Tactical & Technical

Court Warrior

Event Management

Tennis @ Home

Penta Games – Ath/Dev

Tennis Quest – Schools

Court Kids – Under 5s

Camp Delivery

Working with Parents

Managing and Leading Staff

Marketing & Communications


Each course has a range of ways for you to show your competency including:

  • Online registration
  • Online Presentation & interviews
  • Knowledge Confirmation Quizzes
  • Tagged Video Lesson Submissions
  • Live Lesson Tune In
  • Locker Room Discussions
  • Portfolio Submissions

Course Guide

Navigator –Front of House & Sales staff (4 Courses)

Champion –Competition & Event Organizer (5 Courses)

Adventurer –Coaching Assistant (7 of 9 Courses)

Coach  –Staff Coach (12 of 15 Courses)

Master Coach – Specialist Coach in U12 (15 Courses)

Tennis Director – Junior Program Director (15 Courses)


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