RK Khanna Stadium, Delhi, October 15th - 17th 2019

Evolution is the first truly complete, child centred, tennis program. It provides guidance and resources to support developmentally appropriate competition, tactical and technical instruction, athletic development, competitive skills, practice, social activities and support for parents. In fact, every element of development for young players has been included from 3 to 12. Children progress through a skill-based curriculum and pathway of appropriate competitions but also are recognized by a unique motivational system that provides rewards for core behaviours like respect, effort, problem solving and dealing with adversity. We are proud and excited to be bringing it to India as AITA’s Official Kids Tennis Programme.

Discover what makes Evolution to most evolved Kids Tennis Programme in the world! Over two days we will show you how to create the best kids competitions, deliver the best lessons and create the best place for kids to play! More than this we are creating a global network of coaches around the world who are sharing information and best practice on coaching children.

Now we are providing training for the first group of AITA endorsed tutors. Each will have the opportunity to take Evolution out to their region and deliver workshops and club support to help spread the program across all India.  Application to be a Tutor can by sending an email to narsingh@aitatennis.com 

Mike Barrell – Workshop Tutor

Based in the UK, Mike has taught tennis for over 30 years working with players of all levels and is the Founder and CEO of evolve9. Mike has presented at numerous National and International conferences and authored magazine articles and manuals, almost all in the area of Junior Development.

He has worked on programs for USTA, Tennis Australia, LTA (GB), the Netherlands, Norway and in over 80 countries around the World. Mike was the author of the ITF Tennis10s Manual and has a been a major contributor to Under 10 programs around the World.

An LTA Level 5 Licensed Coach, he was also the 2007 PTR Professional of the Year.


Email: admin@evolve9.com /  Facebook :evolve9 tennis / Telephone / WhatsApp / WeChat: +447808719111