Thanks for being part of our conference. Please post your questions below for the speakers so that they can incorporate your questions in their presentations. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions live during the event also but we want to make this as interactive as possible. Thanks so much for your involvement and engagement in this event.

    1. Conference Introduction
    2. Vision On – Defining a mission everyone can get behind  – Ash Smith
    3. The Place to Be – Creating belonging – Kendra Becker
    4. Packaging – Presenting & marketing your program – Mike Barrell
    5. Tour Mechanics – Making your events stick – Jason Wass
    6. Four Zones – Making game day, THE day – Espen Lilleas
    7. Understanding the child of our time -Panel
    8. Three Key Coach Roles – Mike Barrell
    9. Who Game is it? Developing player autonomy – Nick Jacques
    10. TEAM – Building social dynamics – Ash Smith
    11. Brain Games – Tactical development for kids – Wayne Elderton
    12. Motivational Systems – Creating focus and reward – Mike Barrell
    13. Setting Up the Court – What, when and how – Espen Foss
    14. Using Equipment to create learning – Nick Jacques
    15. Differential Learning – The power of other – Dejan Vukojicic
    16. Timing is everything – Duration, frequency and more – Ash Smith