What’s it all about?

The CHALLENGE TOUR is a unique set of home based and online challenges designed to help every young player to build their tennis skills. Each week starts with a qualifier – An Online Quiz to make sure you are ready!

First round skills are designed to be practiced throughout the week so you can keep improving your scores, by Wednesday of each week you will face the Semi Final Challenges and then finally the Final on Saturday when you will face your toughest opponent, one of our coaches from all around the globe!


To qualify for each event you need to answer some questions. Just click on the QUALIFY button take the quiz about tennis knowledge, players and the venue and you are in!

Now you are ready for the first round we have one physical challenge and two tennis challenges. Record your score, improve your personal best and share on instagram!

Semi Final time means three more skills to master. But this time be creative and show us your talents. Don’t forget to tick in your passport and share in instagram!

Well done you made the Final, but this means we are going to throw you a tough opponent. To make it to lift the trophy you have to perform the two extra skills more times than him.

   This Weeks’ Event is New York


What does a week on the Tour look like?

The tour is an at home series of tasks that mirrors a tournament. Event Sunday we release a quiz to test your tennis know how, then on Monday we start with the first round of three tasks for you to practice.  On Wednesday we release two more semi final tasks and on Saturday a final task as a Beat the Coach Challenge!

How do I complete my player pass?

When you print your pass you will see lots of boxes. The first box is for your score in the quiz. You can let mom and dad help you on this!

The first round has three tasks with three boxes each! This is designed so you can improve your score over the week! So write your first score in each of the first three boxes. Keep practicing and if you improve on this score you can record your improvement! As long as you improve on your first score you get 10 points for each of these tasks! That’s 30 points from the first round!

The semi final works the same but as you have fewer days to improve your score you get 20 point for each of these as long as you improve your initial score! So now you have another 40 points!

Now on to the final! This is a bit tougher because its the final! If you can beat the coaches score you get 30 more points and if you don’t, that’s fine you still get 10 points.

Ok, so add up the quiz score (1 point for each correct answer), your points from the first round and semi final, and your final points! Get your parent to sign it! Take a photo and send it to your coach! Congrats you completed a week on the tour!

How do I get to the Wall of Fame?

Once your coach receives your player pass photo they will add your score from all the weeks you have been on the tour. Your name will be added when you reach 200, 500, 750 or 1000 points and you will receive a player award from your coach.

There is a also a special Honor Role based on the behaviors that we use within the program. Respect, Train, Explore and Compete. These awards are given by your coach for exceptional work, effort, creativity and trying very tough tasks!

Why are events named in the way that they are?

The Tour events are named after the cities from the ATP and WTA Tour, although we have no connection to the actual events. Each logo has something that symbolizes the city or country in it’s design.

Do I have to be at an EKT Club to participate?

The Tour was created for the EKT Club Network and so prizes are awarded through that network. During the Covid 19 lockdown we have released the event to all coaches and their players across the globe, but player awards and other elements remain open only to EKT venues.

All the FAQs and Rules can be downloaded above by clicking on the blue button at the top of the page.