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Mike Barrell

Here are listed the updates on the website in date order.

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  1. Mike Barrell says:

    Good morning

    I hope all is well with you. This is the first of our monthly emails designed to keep you up to date with the evolution of evolution.

    1) NEW WEBSITE – We now have a new website at You will need to create an account in order to login. Please go to this page , click the Academy option and use the discount code EKTCC2019 to zero out all the rates. If you want any of your coaches to access the site go to the same link click the TEAM option and then use EKTTEAM2019 as the discount code. The site still has some user friendly developments being added in the downloads and video library section but as it will continue to evolve we wanted to get you set up.

    2) NEW PRE-K PROGRAM – We will be adding a new Pre_K Program in January called Court KIdz. The basics are here and we will be sending out a separate email regarding resources if you would like to add this to your program. The program is available to you free of charge as part of you involvement in the program although there is a cost for physical resources that can be purchased from the online store.

    3) WORLD TOUR – Please let us know by return if you plan to run Melbourne so we can arrange to have resources shipped to you in the next few days. All resources are now in for the year so we want to make sure you have everything well in advance.

    4) SUPPORT – New for 2019 we are ramping up the options for support. No longer is support limited to calls. We will be setting up the online project rooms on the site and using both video conferencing and online training courses. We are also giving a Dartfish Licence to every club allowing you to upload both player clips and more importantly video lessons for review. You can find all the elements here on the site

    As there is a lot going on we will send more updates shortly. In the meantime if you have any specific questions please use this email address from here on so that we can respond quickly.

  2. Mike Barrell says:

    Good morning

    Here are a few quick updates!

    1) Login Now – If you have not logged in to the site please do so as soon as possible. We are using this as the main portal and will be closing the dropbox soon so access to all resources will be through the site. Please check last email for login details.

    2) Discussion Boards – Once in please take time to check the Discussion Boards . We really want your input

    3) World Tour Resources – We are shipping Melbourne and Rome resources tomorrow. Please let us know if you would like additional resources included in the package.

    4) Court Kidz. Please check the page and the resource page. If you wish to use this part of the program there is a one off cost of $100 to include resources. Including 2 x Pop UP Banners / Targets, Balloons, and Stickers. You can access the documentation for the program via the download links as of January but we would encourage you to invest in the pack to give the court the wow factor that is so important for this young age group. We will be running a training in February in the US, will video it and create an online training platform for this following this workshop.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or requests.

  3. Mike Barrell says:

    Happy New Year!

    I hope things are back in full swing in your program. Things have moved fast here and we have some great new additions on the site and for you generally.

    1) Logins: Many of the pages and downloads are only available to logged in users so please make sure you have used the login coupon codes that were sent before EKTCC2019 for the key contact at the club.

    2) Forum : Please take a look at and respond to questions in the forum. We now have a number of clubs in the network and this makes things easier when we want to add more resources for everyone.

    3) Downloads: These have now been categorized and this should make everything much easier to find. We will be shutting off the dropbox at the end of the month and all downloads will then only be accessible on the site.

    4) Video Library: Videos are steadily being added to the library (so far around 250) and we will start filming a lot more specific ones through the next two months. The Library has a landing page now at (Please not not all links are active at this time)

    5) January Calls : We have now implemented an online call booking system at and we will be using Zoom so facilitate calls and video conferencing. Please go ahead and use this system to arrange calls. I am off to New Zealand tomorrow and will return on the 18th so there are slots for calls in the two weeks following. Of course if you need anything in the meantime please email.

    That’s enough for now. Packages are on their way to you for Melbourne and Rome and I will be back in touch regarding online project rooms shortly.

    Just FYI all copies of these updates are also added to the website at this link:

    Thanks again