Developing Great Little Competitors and a Great Place to Play!

PART ONE – Practicing Competitive Skills 

Can you teach competitive skills to young players? Yes and the Court Warrior Workshop will show you how. Using keys drills and practices, and focusing on rewarding and developing core behaviors you will quickly understand how to better equip young players with the mental skills needed to love the challenges tennis presents!

PART TWO – Building a Great Place to Play! 

Get Competition right and kids will love it. Get it wrong and you could lose them forever. This workshop will take you through all the elements to help you create events and tournaments in your club that will inspire and motivate kids to play more, fall in love with the game and never stop!

If you want to build a better club environment and an exciting place to play and practice then this workshop will help more than any other. You will leave with a fresh perspective on what it means to compete and how to put the needs of kids at the heart of what you do!


More than a Workshop

Like you we want the time spent on the workshop to be productive so we we provide each coach with:

  • A Comprehensive workbook detailing all the information covered plus drills and formats
  • A Base pack of our EKT Warrior Cards
  • Over 50 practical ideas for creating an environment where kids love to compete

Workshop Tutor

Court Warrior II was developed by Mike Barrell, the founder of evolve9. His work on the ITF Tennis10s Program and with major providers across the US has been integral to many of the U12 programs around the globe. A former PTR Pro of the Year, and LTA Level 5 Coach he leads that team responsible for the development of the evolution program.


Exmouth Tennis Centre, Exmouth, UK – July 26th

Hampshire – TBA

North Wales – TBA

Surrey – TBA

North London – TBA

Kent – TBA

Scotland – TBA

Fremont Tennis Center, Fremont, CA – June 1st & 2nd

Tennis Center SandPoint, Seattle, USA – June 4th & 5th

Guilford Racquet & Swim Club, Guilford CT, USA – Sept 14th

About Evolution

Evolution is a complete kids tennis program. More than just a coaching curriculum it includes resources to build and maintain a club program that goes way beyond what to teach. Evolution Clubs receive an extensive package of resources and training plus ongoing mentoring and support by World experts in program development.

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