Evolution Kids Tennis is a program that teaches skills in a way that kids learn today. It is based on a unique set of tactical missions and supported by the technical teaching that makes the completion of these missions a reality. Young players approach each task with a greater understanding of the game and a motivation that keeps tennis inspiring and exciting.

The balls and courts are blended to focus more on finding the right level for players to achieve the mission rather than a fixed ball for a fixed period of time. If you understand the Red, Orange and Green progression and want a really evolved way to use it Evolution Kids Tennis is the answer.

Mission card example


Our coaching program starts with Court Kidz, a unique program for 3 – 5 year old based on developing fundamental motor skills. These form the basics of all skill development and help young players to get core skills in place helping them to learn faster through the next levels.

As Kids move into these levels their skills improve and the missions become more challenging. Here they need to use time to make the ball go faster and also to connect shots together. Technique will become better to help help make this happen. Mentally they learn to focus and enjoy challenging situations.

In the first three levels kids learn why they are on court. They understand the purpose of the game, and missions focus on controlling and directing the ball, to help to win points. These levels span the Red and Orange courts but we blend balls and courts to help ensure the right level of challenge.

In transitioning to the full court players are more confident and tactically aware. Missions focus on the opponent and how to attack and defend against strengths and weaknesses. Growth and development means athletic skills take a bigger role. Their skills and understanding of the game become more advanced.